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Safari Tours

Safari Tours


Explore Namibia on a luxury mobile safari in exclusive campsites

A safari crew travelling in a separate vehicle erects the comfortable camp. A professional safari guide travels with the group. The group size is limited to 8 ensuring personalised attention and utmost comfort. An experienced chef prepares excellent bush cuisine, relished under canvas or the sparkling Namibian sky.

  • 12 Days

  • 4 Nights Luxury Mobile Safari

  • 7 Nights of Hotel/Lodge accommodation

Detailed Itinerary


Our 12-day essence of Namibia safari includes an 8-night standard mobile safari with a 3-night hotel/guest house/lodge stay.

Your safari crew includes a professional guide and his assistant/chef who pre-erects your camp and are responsible for all camp duties.

  • Private Tour

  • 12 Days Total

  • 8 Nights of Standard Mobile Safari

  • 3 Nights Hotel/Guest House/ Lodge

Detailed Itinerary


Our 15-day Itenga wildlife safari includes 11 nights of a standard mobile safari with 3 nights of hotel/guest house accommodation.

A professional safari guide travels with the group.

  • 15 Days

  • 11 Nights Standard Mobile Safari

  • 3 Nights of Hotel/Lodge Accommodation

Detailed Itinerary


A wilderness like no other awaits

The park is 500km long starting at the Ugab River in the South to the Kunene River in the North. A remarkable setting of exquisite beauty and tranquillity where one can truly find the meaning of solitude. The park is known for its phenomenal scenes, endless landscapes, colourful plains, mountains and dunes.

  • 9 Days

  • 7 Nights Standard Mobile Safari

  • 1 Night of Accommodation

Detailed Itinerary


An unforgettable expedition

Karibu safari is where the wonders of your journey will begin. After more than 3 decades of dedicated experience, and thousands of miles of adventurous trails, we are proud to be considered one of the leading safari companies in Namibia. Along with a devoted team that we consider family, we’d like to invite you on an unforgettable expedition.



From the moment that you cast your eyes upon the striking plains of Namibia, the outstanding quality of contrast is immediately evident. In the central region, you encounter Herero women with distinguishing Victorian-style dresses; while in the rugged north-west reside the indigenous Ovahimba. Prepare for a personalised experience as we guide you through some of the most stunning scenes that this country has to offer. Expand your horizons with the support of our knowledgeable guides, wine and dine with our superior chefs and enjoy full accommodation by our on-site staff who are ready and waiting to ensure your custom and complete comfort.